Countdown Begins to the Big 1st Birthday

Mary-Isabella’s first birthday is less than two months away. The pressure is on to plan a party she is sure to forget. For me, this party is extra special. Outside of celebrating her birthday, this is a celebration of love and it marks the day God answered my deepest desires. From the moment I saw her in the hospital, I loved her. I knew she was mine.

Now, that I’ve shared the reasons why I want to make it special, let me share my ideas. I’ve enlisted the help of our family and friends to pull off our Princess Mary theme soiree. We are using the Princess and the Frog as inspiration. The invitation list has been shaved down from the original 50 to 15. Our Aunt Anne is allowing us to use her home. We will have a face painter, customized coloring books, inflatables, gift bags and customized tshirts for the family. I would like to have ladies in waiting to attend to Mary. To pay for this big day, Anthony and I will need to save our pennies and make sacrifices. I will do whatever I have to do to make sure this a day Mary can look at the pictures and see was surround my love.

I will keep you posted on our party planning adventures.