Shot of love – part 2

Exactly 1 year ago, I published a blog post titled, “Shot of Love”. In the blog, I talked about how we left Mary-Isabella with family for a couple of hours so Anthony and I could enjoy some much needed QT together. Our date day happened during his Spring Break.

What a difference a year makes. This Spring Break, our precious baby girl has been with my parents the entire week.  While we’ve missed her, I’m so happy she gets  time with her grandparents. She brings them so much joy. Anthony is always so supportive of my parents, who live three hours away, spending as much time as they can with Mary-Isabella.


Mary-Isabella with her maternal grandparents.

This has been a whirlwind year. Mary-Isabella is a toddler now. We are loving every second of being her parents. We are perhaps enjoying it a little too much as we’ve definitely had periods where we were guilty of neglecting our relationship. Times where we felt more like roommates and business partners.

Spring signals new beginnings. And, just what our relationship needed. Anthony made sure we were intentional about spending time connecting and renewing our bonds.


St. Patrick’s Day parade on Beale St.

Spring Break also allowed us to spend time with our friends. We are blessed to have to have a close circle of friends who are so geniune. There aren’t any pretenses … just good people. These friends, like us, are committed to loving God, our spouses and families. We truly believe in working hard and we playing harder.


Johnny and Tabatha Holmes enjoying good music at Mugshots.


Marcus Jones without his lovely wife, Tamara, enjoying the festivities of the St. Patrick’s Day parade.


Educators gone wild during a fish fry at the Holmes’ residence.

As you can see, we had blast this Spring Break with our friends and one another. It was just shot of love we needed.

I’m learning marriage has cycles. It requires daily work, prayer, sacrifice and commitment. While parenting and life have definitely tested our marriage, I do firmly believe we are better people and partners for it.

I hope we remember the good times we enjoyed last week when life becomes stressful. I also hope we stay committed to investing time in us.


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