How We Met


All things considering, I have a great life. I’m married to the love of my life, James. We live in Memphis and we are the new parents of Mary-Isabella and a Shih Tzu, Riley. We have a solid support system in our parents and friends. Our story started four years ago.

Looking back, I began to doubt I would ever be a wife, a mother and at the very least, a pet owner. Just five years ago, I was married to my work and emotionally drained after ending an unsuccessful attempt at reconciliation with my ex-husband.

TIme passed and like most people, I was living what little social life I had on social media. I joined an alumni ning site and Facebook. I received a FB friend request from James. He later admitted he noticed me on the ning site. While I didn’t know him personally, I accepted him as a friend because we had a lot of mutual college friends. He says (I don’t remember) he began to comment on all of my posts. He said I never commented. I think I remember commenting once or twice. Nonetheless, we finally connected on the day he declared was going to be his last post. I invited him to join me at a work event. He turned me down because he said he had to teach Sunday school the next day. I was immediately impressed that he was teaching Sunday school. we exchanged inbox messages for several weeks. During that time, he would post YouTube music videos dedicated to me. He would let me know I was on his mind. He was/is one of the most loving people I know.

June 11, 2009 – we went on our first date to Bahamas Breeze. I remember it vividly. We met there. He was already seated when I arrived. As I approached the table, he stood and pulled out my chair. I remember thinking this was such a warm and kind gesture. He was wearing the floral print shirt. I was a nervous wreck as I had never met someone from social media out on a date. I immediately ordered a cocktail to calm my nerves. He put me at ease with his wit and intellect. He presented me with a gift bag (red and white – my sorority colors). I opened the gift to find a bottle of Bear Rabbit syrup. In an earlier conversation, I mentioned I couldn’t find that particular syrup in Memphis and how much I enjoyed it. So, you know, I was impressed that he remembered.

This is how our story began …

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